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Dear Ted:  
I don't get the hype over Rooney Mara and why she is being called the breakout star of the year for one film. Jessica Chastain, virtually unknown before this year, was in four films, with very diverse roles in each, showing great range. I guess she hasn't been hyped (over-hyped) by the studio machine. GWDT has just opened and already I am bored with Mara; doesn't help that she is rather dull in interviews. But it seems you have drunk the Kool-Aid too when it comes to Mara by the number of posts you've written. Am I missing something and is the Vice you hinted she has also all studio hype to make us believe she is as badass as her character?

Dear So Over the Girl:
I'll level with you on this one, L; Jessica Chastain was phenomenal in The Help, and we even think her performance is worthy of a Best Supporting Actress nomination. But that doesn't mean we don't love Rooney Mara as well. She completely transformed herself to play Lisbeth Salander and we think the gal steals the show in GWDT. As for her Vice? It's hardly studio hype—girl really is badass.

Dear Ted:
Robert Pattinson
was spotted in San Diego, Sarah Roemer's hometown. Riding a bike with another guy (Sarah's parents and brother are bike-lovers). Do you think they are getting serious, and Rob is already spending holidays with them? Sarah's mother told a magazine that everything is possible and Rob would be very welcome to their family. I guess Robsten are indeed over and you are not fooling anyone with your "they are fine" BS.

Dear Robsten Conspiracy:
Sarah's mom wishes this were true—and how. For the record, sometimes the same old spiel is still accurate. I'll leave it to you who you prefer to believe.

Dear Ted:  
How come you're now so gung-ho on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being the real 'love story' deal, parfait couple, over such a short time but you were always sarcastic on Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio actually liking each other all that while?

Dear Unrealistic:
Because I never thought Blake and Leo would last. He's too model-crazy and, in my humble opinion, hardly hunky enough for Blake. But Blake and Ryan? Methinks this duo has a bit more staying power—if only for their extreme hotness as a couple.

Dear Ted:
Angelina Jolie
still looks way too thin. Mystery diet, or run ragged?

Dear Spread Too Thin:
No mystery diet here, besides Angie's crazy sched of directing a truly impressive flick (In the Land of Blood and Honey), raising six kids and keeping one of the world's most handsome men happy. We'll admit the gal could stand to gain a few, but don't blame her figure on any type of starvation routine—we think it's simply stress-related.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Britney Spears has a better relationship with men in part because she has such a strong relationship with her dad. Then you mentioned she is still not as trusting of other women. Does this have something to do with her relationship with her mom? How well do they get along now?

Dear Mommie Dearest:
Brit and her mom are on good terms now, but they had their fair share of problems when Lynne wrote a book based on her daughter. The happy ending to the story? The two have put the drama in the past, and Brit has a great relationship with both her mother and her father. Perhaps the Lohans should take a hint, no?

Dear Ted:
I'm just wondering: Does Robert Pattinson's family like Kristen Stewart, and does Kristen's family like Rob?
Robsten Romantic 

Dear A Happy Robsten Family:
Rest assured, Robsten romantic, both the Stewarts and the Pattinsons adore Rob and Kris. Here's hoping they will all spend the holidays together—one big, happy Robsten family—so par-fait!

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