Could a Seth Rogen-James Franco Pineapple Express Sequel Happen?

Exclusive! Funnyman wants to smoke up again, plus is he feuding with Barbra Streisand?!

By Marc Malkin, Brett Malec Dec 22, 2011 2:39 PMTags
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It's been three years since Seth Rogen and James Franco teamed up for the stoner flick Pineapple Express, so isn't it high time they reunited for sequel?

Rogen is down for it...

"I don't think it's so precious that I wouldn't want to ruin it with a sequel," the Golden Globe-nominated 50/50 funnyman told us yesterday while promoting the Alzheimer Association's Hilarity for Charity cause. "So yeah, I would be [into it]. We talk about it. We joke around about it."

Here's hoping they light up soon!

Meanwhile, Rogen is going head to head with Barbra Streisand, his costar in the upcoming road trip comedy My Mother's Curse. Rogen and Streisand are two of the many celebs competing to raise the most money for a charity of their choice in Mozilla Firefox's Crowdrise challenge.

"I would love to take her down more than anything," Rogen joked. "She has a lot more rich friends than I do, so it's going to be hard, but I'm doing press. I don't think she is, so this could be my one saving grace."

As for working with the Hollywood legend, Rogen says Streisand was like a mother to him on set.

"She offered me a lot of food I didn't want to eat," he laughed. "Like a good Jewish mother. I realized after working with Barbra Streisand that I think all Jewish mothers have kind of modeled themselves after Barbra Streisand. Like she's the blueprint for all our mothers' behaviors, and I met the source and I get it now."