Katy Perry

John Shearer/Getty Images

Katy Perry is pooped.

And for good reason—the pop star has been working nonstop for what seems like forever.

But does that mean she's ready to slow down a bit?

It sure does.

Perry says she doesn't know when she'll put out her next album.

"I know you guys want a new record, but I have to live a little so all the songs will be something worth listening to," she said today during a Nordstrom appearance at the Grove mall in L.A. to launch her second fragrance, Meow.

For now, she wants to focus on the holidays. "I think that maybe I'm going to just think about enjoying Christmas and New Year's," she said.

As you may have seen, Perry recently went blond. The "Fireworks" singer has had many color changes in the past year. "I'm having fun with my hair color because...I was black-haired for 10 years," she said. "That was a long time, so I just decided to change things up, try new things and see what worked.

"Who knows?" she added, "I'll probably have to shave my head one day because of all of it."

P.S.: For all you male Katy Perry fans out there—she told me she has no plans to release a men's fragrance, but she did crack, "Just like Justin Bieber says, 'Never say never.'"

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