Charlize Theron, Young Adult

Phillip V. Caruso/Paramount Pictures

We want to hang out with Charlize Theron, like, right now.

Seriously, could she be any friggin' cooler?

Yes, we know she plays the Evil Queen opposite Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman, but check her out in Young Adult. Not only does the Oscar winner let herself get all unpretty in a pathetic boozy kind of way, but...

She's not afraid to show her naughtier side.

"Once you get passed how insanely stunning she is, you see that she's just very normal, cool and unpretentious," Charlize's Young Adult costar Elizabeth Reaser tells me. "She's also very potty-mouthed.

"I mean no more than anyone else, but she's just so open about it," she adds. "Everyone else I know says, 'f--k' and 's--t' every other word, but she is just so unabashedly herself."

In the Jason Reitman-directed flick, Theron stars as an alcoholic novelist who returns to her small hometown to try to win back her high school boyfriend (Patrick Wilson) who now has a wife (Reaser) and a baby.

"She really went for it and she kills it," Reaser said. "She is on fire."

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