Alec Baldwin

Color us not surprised there's no plane and simple solution.

‘Cause by now, we're sure you've heard about the battle between American Airlines and Alec Baldwin—ya know, the feud between the two after Mr. Baldwin was kicked off his flight yesterday from LAX to JFK supposedly for playing Words With Friends. 

Well, American Airlines has fired back and Alec took to Twitter to express his rage (only to deactivate his account the next day).

So, who's right?

It's a tough call.

While we do find it a bit ridiculous Alec got the boot while the plane was parked on the ground, we have to wonder whether the outspoken actor handled himself in the most appropriate manner. 

After all, this wouldn't be the first time Mr. Baldwin stirred up some drama—remember when he tweeted at the Starbucks barista who wronged him or decided to personally poo-poo on the New York Post? No doubt, the dude's got major ‘tude and he's certainly not afraid to express himself. 

Then again, according to others on the flight, AA made a big friggin' deal out of nothing, and even fellow passenger Oscar de la Hoya tweeted his support for the actor.

Oh, and this wouldn't be the first time an airline has overreacted—remember when Southwest gave Leisha Hailey and her GF the boot for sharing a simple smooch? Yeah, like that was totally necessary. 

So, since Andy Rooney has passed, we're thinkin' maybe we need someone like Alec to fill the void—a guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind no matter what the circumstances.

And hey, come to think of it, the two do share an odd resemblance. Kidding (sorta), but we're sure you can handle the dig, Al, since you had no qualms calling the flight attendants "Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s"—a little low, if ya ask us.

But while Mr. Baldwin recently stepped up his game by penning an article for the Huffington Post, defending his demeanor and offering somewhat of an apology, we have to wonder whether American Airlines will fire back, yet again. 

So, since both sides have spilled their story and we're torn on the issue, we turn to you trusted Awful readers to ask who's right in this sticky sitch?

Did the airline overreact or was Alec way outta line?

Awful¿s Alec vs. AA Poll!
Who¿s right¿American Airlines or Alec Baldwin?
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