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Dear Ted:
I found it interesting that most of the Glee guys attended Lea Michele's NYE premiere, but none of the girls were there. What gives? Is there some jealousy showing, or did the girls have work? I thought Lea was extremely close to Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera and the rest of the ladies so it seemed strange for them not to show up?

Dear No Shows:
The Glee gals may be jealous of Ms. Rachel Berry on the show, but in this case, life is not imitating art. Castmembers Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley tweeted their support and others likely had prior engagements. But seriously, who cares when Darren Criss looked that good in his suit?!

Dear Ted:
Is it true that Ryan Gosling is getting serious with Eva Mendes? And if so, when can we expect the most beautiful children ever conceived?

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Dear Getting Ahead of Ourselves:
Ryan Gosling may have surprised his ladylove in the City of Light, but don't hold your breath for any Gosling-Mendes kiddos just yet. But I totes agree, they would make beautiful babies! And she is incredibly sweet.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Robert Pattinson is "addicted" to fame? Would he care or miss it if it was gone?

Dear No Chance:
Rob has said on multiple occasions that he doesn't exactly enjoy all of the attention. Whether or not he's telling it like is, his fame isn't going anywhere fast.

Dear Ted:
Your vague answer regarding the Viceyness of the The Hunger Games cast worried me a bit because I found it refreshing that they all seemed very professional about this project. But then with the Miley Cyrus birthday cake snafu, I was wondering how involved Liam Hemsworth is in all her craziness. Any info?

Dear Match Made in Heaven:
Liam might not be as Vicey as his wild-child girlfriend, but don't worry, he doesn't let her have all the fun.

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Dear Ted:
So what's going on with Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder? Together or not together? Just wondering haven't seen them together in a long time.

Dear Breakup Rumors:
Nothing to worry about here. Nina and Ian are just flying under the radar for a bit. Robsten have done it enough times, right?

Dear Ted:
So Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher on the red carpet were a bit adorable. I think he even made her blush a little. Any chance at all? Out of curiosity, would Lea be appalled by Ash's Vicey ways?

Dear You Guessed It:
I love me some Ashton, but he's in the midst of a divorce and Lea deserves so much more than being someone's rebound chick. Appalled? No. Surprised? Maybe.

Dear Ted:
Regarding all the drama about Nikki Reed's Seventeen interview, am I the only one who finds it refreshing to read honest and candid thoughts, rather than PR-approved stuff fed to entertainment sources?

Dear Reed It and Weep:
You are so not alone. The entire Awful team looks forward to reading Nikki's interviews. The girl knows how to pack a punch.

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