Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling


Dear Ted:
Those pictures of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling in Paris are so staged. Why would the paparazzi suddenly be all over a cemetery where they normally never are? Am I the only one not getting why he is doing this? His body language does not imply that he is really into her, and he is so in demand right now that it cannot be for the attention. Also, it seems that most of his fans are finding these publicity stunts to be a major turnoff. He must be getting really bad PR advice.

Dear Agree to Disagree:
You're right about one thing, Ryan Gosling does not do things for the attention—his movies dominate at the box office. So Ry's a hopeless romantic and surprised Eva in Paris—nothing wrong with that, although I think it's safe to say their relaysh has just been upgraded from fling to full-on couple.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Jennifer Lopez going on vacation with that backup dancer? I thought she was just sleeping with him, but she took him on vacation with her kids. Please tell me she's not serious.

Dear Blast From the Past:
It wouldn't be the first time Jenny from the block fell for a dancer (remember Cris Judd?). If it was just the two of them on vacay I'd call it a rebound, but now that he's spending time with her kids, it looks like commitment to me. Plus, don't forget one very important addendum here: She hasn't been wholly adored in a very long time.

Dear Ted:
So I was thinking about all the senior Glee stars graduating this season and wondered which ones had the best chance of becoming someone other than "the kid who was on Glee." Who do you think is the most prepared by making key contacts in Hollywood, has good talent and looks and has that It factor needed besides luck to make it big? I guess most would guess Lea Michele, but maybe there are others?

Dear How to Succeed Without Really Trying:
Do I have to pick just one? Truth is all of those Glee kids are über-talented and could find major success if they play their cards right. It's a fickle business, but my vote goes to Dianna Agron and Darren Criss.

Dear Ted:
Michelle Obama once said that if there's one role model in Hollywood women all around the world should follow, it's Beyoncé. I was wondering if Beyoncé has a B.V. If she is as good and inspirational as she seems or is it just an act?

Dear Class Act:
B is a vet in this business, and if she had any Vicey behavior, chances are we'd know. Looks like you can listen to the first babe on this one. B is as squeaky clean as she looks (pretty much).

Dear Ted:
Breaking Dawn is raking it in at the box office and Summit is releasing the DVD soon. Are Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner getting a cut of the DVD sales and rentals? They are getting a percentage of the box receipts plus a flat salary. If they aren't, they and their agents really dropped the ball here.

Dear Who Cares:
The Twilight trio is already making enough moolah to buy this damn town, so whether or not they're getting a cut from the DVDs is far beyond my level of concern. Next!

Dear Ted:
Someone told me Amber Heard might be in talks to play Grace Kelly. She's got the look, and she's certainly got the racy past.

Dear Heard It Through the Grapevine:
I can totally see this casting; Amber is drop-dead gorge and a relative newcomer to T-town. This gig could be exactly what she needs to cement her A-list status in H'wood. Still think Blake ain't a bad idea for Grace, though.

Dear Ted:
How close are Kate Middleton and Prince Harry? Do they spend any time together with Wills off in the military?

Dear Cruel Intentions:
Chalk it up to your average siblings-in-law kind of relationship—nothing Vicey here. The duchess is far too classy for that sort of thing. At least now she is.

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