The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, Lily Collins, Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart

Matthew Rolston/Relativity Media; Rankin/Universal Studios

We hope we're not being too bold when we say that clearly Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman looks to be the better flick—well, at least from what the trailers have shown us. But we're pretty sure that most of you would agree, especially since our inbox was filled with peeps bitchin' about how bad Mirror, Mirror looked.

It's why we decided to break it down and pit the Snows, queens and hunks alike from each flick against each other in our Snow White Fights to determine who the ultimate mash-up would be made of. And based on your votes, the winning flick would feature...

K.Stew, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth.

Basically, just go see SWATH, no extra imaginary flick necessary!

See, with all the Krisbians we love hearing from chiming in, we figured that K.Stew might trump the adorbs Lily Collins when it came to playing S.W. herself. But we weren't expecting a landslide victory, with Kristen nabbing over 70 percent of the votes.

And while comments gushed about how gorgeous Lil is (BTW, we totally agree), it was Kristen and her badassery that made her the readers' choice for the fairy-tale femme.

We were hoping for a bit more competition when it came to the fellas tho, since both Armie Hammer and C.Hems are equally sexy. But this one was an even bigger blowout with Chris scoring nearly 80 percent of the votes.

One reader, Liz, summed it up best: "Chris for sure! However, Armie does make one fine-looking prince. It's not fair to compare."

We agree. The more man candy the better, right?!

It was the queens that proved the least competitive though, as Charlize mopped the fairy-tale floor with her competition. Julia Roberts only racked a measly 11 percent of the votes, with the rest obviously going to C.T., the far more wicked be-yotch.

Even though we ignored most of your nasty commentswho really cares which chick looks younger for this par-tick pollit was easy to tell that Char's evil ‘tude was much preferred to Julia's attempt at comedy.

So there you have it. SWATH, and it's band of badass cast mates, is the flick to beat. Any comeback, Mirror, Mirror?

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