It's here! It's here! The Snow White and the Huntsman trailer has hit the net, and we must admit, Kristen Stewart left us pretty surprised. Remember, we read the script and it came off as a mix of Twilight and Red Riding Hood (which we so don't mean in a good way).

So what do we think of the tease to the big picture now that we're getting a look?

Holy crap, it looks fabulous.

In fact, vampires and red riding hoods in distress be damned, the trailer for SWATH makes the fairy-tale franchise look so much better than both. Sorry, Twi-hards!

First, E.T. showed off footage from the film and gave viewers a glimpse of the behind the scenes action. (BTW, how adorable is K.Stew introducing her horsey costar Rusty?)

But then the official trailer went up in glorious HD. So what's SWATH packin'?

A whole lotta punch, apparently. There's a scruffy Chris Hemsworth showing off his weapons training, K.Stew looking divine as ever with her pale skin and rosy cheeks, and some deliciously wicked narration courtesy of Charlize Theron.

Oh, and a troll...a gnarly looking one.

And the trailer couldn't come at a better time.

Yesterday, after people saw some sexy pics of Robert Pattinson with guns ablaze and Kristen Stewart flanked by her Snow White crew, we asked which post-Breaking Dawn flick you were more excited about.

So which half of Robsten came out on top?

It's no surprise that Kristen and her ass-kickin' fairy-tale reboot won in a landslide victory.

So guess all that's left to say is: Your move, Cosmopolis. Or better yet, how about Mirror Mirror?!

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