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Thank god J. Edgar debuts this Friday because we feel like we've been asking how friggin' gay the movie's going to be for practically forever.

So, since we know Clint Eastwood won't give a straight answer on the subject, and Leonardo DiCaprio is much too occupied with his leading ladies, perhaps Armie Hammer can clear up our favorite question:

How gay is the J. Edgar flick?

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Unfortunately for us, Armie got the Eastwood memo, and he's staying tight-lipped on the gay factor. 

And while we're all awaiting the epic kiss between Leo and Armie, Hammer did make a quick comment when asked about his research on Clyde Tolson for the flick. 

In the interview with, Hammer admits using a professional researcher who found "every picture of him [Clyde Tolson] ever taken, including, but not limited to, pictures of him sleeping that J. Edgar took."

Hmmm, funny time to add that bit of knowledge, especially since the interview focused on the difference between Eastwood and Fincher's directing styles. 

So, does this mean Armie definitely has an opinion on the is or isn't J.Edgar gay topic but perhaps was advised to keep quiet?

We'd bet our little gay hearts on it. 

So, what say you, Awful readers, a fleeting thought by Hammer, or a hidden opinion on J. Edgar's sexuality?

At least we only have to wait until Friday to find out. 

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