Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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It's almost here! The Harry Potter gang is reuniting one last time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to celebrate the DVD release of The Deathly Hallows, Part 2, and E! Online will livestream the star-packed red carpet this Saturday, at 5 p.m. PT, 8 p.m. ET. To get ready, we're counting down the five greatest moments in all of the Harry Potter movies.

Sure there are plenty of duels, thumb wars and battles to be had throughout the H.P. series, but we have carefully chosen the most important one of them all.

In the Order of the Phoenix there's some major drama going on, and by drama we mean the beginning of the Second Wizarding War (aka, Lord Voldemort's second rise to power...as if once wasn't enough).

As anyone might guess, things quickly get out of hand during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. But fast forward through all of the scary and sad parts, like when Bellatrix Lestange kills Sirius Black and watch as the brave and mighty Albus Dumbledore enters the Ministry Atrium and unleashes one seriously big moment!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Voldemort attempts to kill Harry, but Dumbledore saves him and begins to duel with the Dark Lord. Fawkes even swoops into the action and gets hit by a Killing Curse, but duh, he's a phoenix and he bursts into flames and is instantly reborn. For a hot second Voldemort possesses Harry, hoping that Dumbledore would sacrifice the kid in an attempt to kill him. Fail. Love always prevails because as Harry mourns for his late godfather (Sirius Black), Voldemort cannot match his love and loses control of his mind.

For obvious reasons this is a moment of epic proportions and cannot be left out of the countdown. This is when Dumbledore really shows his strength as a wizard and is the only person whom Voldemort fears. C'mon, who else still calls him Tom anyway? Harry stands up to Voldemort in this scene when he says, "You're the weak one. And you'll never know love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you." Ouch.

With that we will leave you until tomorrow's big moment. Tell us about your favorite moment from the series in the comments section. Cheerio!

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