Ryan Gosling, Crazy Stupid Love, The Place Beyond the Pines, The Ides of March, Drive

BEN GLASS / Warner Bros.; Sierra Affinity; Saeed Adyani/Sony Pictures Entertainment ; Richard Foreman / Oddlot Entertainment

Ryan Gosling has been steaming up the big screen in a major way this year, and we can't get enough!

First he drops trou in Crazy, Stupid, Love and then that hot scorpion jacket in Drive? What can we way—Ryan is a crowd pleaser.

Here at the A.T., we wanna know which sexy RyGos costume change you're swooning over, and what you'd like to see him in next!

Ryan's landed roles taking him well into 2013, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Add to that the fact that he's constantly changing up his look for different flicks, and looking crazy-hot in every single one. How can that be?

If his nudie scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love wasn't enough for you, then we hope you saw Drive, 'cause Ryan Gosling being all badass behind the wheel is something you do not want to miss—trust us.

Or maybe you prefer your Ryan Gosling suited up? Then you'll probably go gaga over his latest flick The Ides of March. He stars in the political drama alongside George Clooney—no shortage of man candy there.

Ry-Ry just wrapped the upcoming The Place Beyond the Pines and if the stills are any indication, you'll totally get your money's worth. Gosling is all tatted up for the flick, and looks completely delish on the back of that motorcycle. Nice dye job, too!

Honestly, is there any look he can't pull off? We're really starting to doubt it.

Check out the gallery and tell us which wardrobe choice is your favorite. Other ideas? Sound off in the comments!

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