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With all the clips that have been released (and some not-so-official ones that have gotten the leak treatment), we feel like we've already seen Breaking Dawn, don't you?

But even though we've practically seen the entire honeymoon scene (our most anticipated moment in the movie), Bill Condon, the director behind the last two installments of the vampy saga, says that we're in for some surprises courtesy of Bella Swan herself, Kristen Stewart.

"Kristen has such a huge journey to take and to watch her become this fierce, protective, powerful mother figure," Bill told HitFix in a lengthy interview about all things B.D. "I think that will surprise people."

But that's not to say Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will disappoint.

"I think people will be surprised by everybody," Bill continued. "Taylor surprised me with his commitment and the dark places he goes to in this movie. And Rob, I think there is some sense that he has relaxed into this part and finally willing to show more of himself. His own charm, wit and grace are in evidence in this movie. It surprised me in how relaxed he seemed in something he's fought a little against before."

In fact, it was K.Stew herself that inspired the Oscar-winning director to take on the Twilight vamps:

"All of the characters take tremendous steps in this story, and that's part of what turned me on to the material," Bill gushed. "To collaborate with Kristen Stewart as she goes from being the Bella we know in the first three movies to being a bride, being someone who finally has sex, gets pregnant, gets sick, gives birth, dies, become a vampire, becomes a warrior? Just think of that journey."

But acting aside, Bill says that Avatar and its Na'avi peeps are in a run for their special-effects money.

"It's an effects movie. We have as many effects shots as Avatar or more in the two movies," Bill boasts. "Especially with big things like the wolves or Renesmee and everyone's powers."

Those are some big, blue shoes to fill, Bill! But maybe B.C. will lock in another Oscar nom—and Twilight will nab its first—for Best Achievement in Visual Effects? Avatar took that honor home, after all. And if that vamp baby is creepy enough, we say why not!

Not to mention coming close to nabbing Best Director, too.

As much as we love K.Stew—and Bill seems to, too—we don't exactly anticipate Bella Swan bringing a little gold man back to Forks, but it sure would thrill us no end!

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