Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

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There is absolutely nothing rotten about the state of Denmark—especially not after this morning, as that's the latest international destination set to be graced with a royal visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton.

And once again, the newlyweds will be getting their goodwill on, as their trip abroad—set to take place just next week—will once again be for a noble and charitable cause.

It was announced this morning that the duke and duchess will be paying a visit to UNICEF's emergency supply center in Copenhagen on Nov. 2, where they will both size up and lend a hand to the organization's efforts to distribute food and medical supplies to East Africa, currently in the throes of a famine.

And because royals tend to travel in packs, they will be joined on their visit by a couple of great Danes, the crown prince and crown princess of Denmark, whom the Brits will visit at their private residence—just a humble little abode known as the Frederik VIII Palace—before heading to the UNICEF center.

The foursome is hoping that their combined efforts will draw more much-needed global attention on the crisis, which is affecting more than 13 million people, and where 320,000 children—a group obviously close to the royals' hearts—are not only suffering from malnutrition, but at risk of death.

Meanwhile, it's unusual for a royal visit to be announced or scheduled with so little advance time, as the trip is just days away, but Will and Kate wanted to show their commitment as soon as possible, and also needed to book the trip around Will's search and rescue training.

In addition to helping pack food and medical provisions for delivery to East Africa, the royals will also met with UNICEF staff to be more thoroughly briefed on the ongoing crisis.

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