Johnny Depp, Keith Richards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One more reason to love Johnny Depp. He's one multitalented dude.

"I didn't know until I started working with him what an amazing painter he was…what an amazing musician he is," Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson told us last night at the New York premiere. "He is really like a Renaissance man. He can do everything. He can play any instrument. He is a great oil painter."

Depp has even painted portraits of his Pirates of the Caribbean costar Keith Richards (who was also on hand last night), and gave one them away while filming his latest movie.

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"He gave me a beautiful painting 8 feet square of his friend Keith Richards. So, it is on my wall in England," the director explained. "It is this massive painting, oil painting, of Keith Richards."

Wonder if the Rolling Stone rocker knows that Johnny's depicted him on canvas?

But while he gave up a painting of Richards, their collaborations are far from over.

At the Playboy after party at Hiro Ballroom, Johnny and Keith even joined the band on stage. "Johnny was on guitar and Keith was on guitar and vocals for a 6 minute set," an eyewitness tells us. "The entire crowd rushed the stage with camera phones out to capture this iconic moment."

Clearly, these guys know how to party.

"He likes red wine and so do I," the director said earlier on the red carpet, adding that they never got super drunk during filming. "We did get drunk a couple of occasions, but never excessively. The work is too hard. You just can't do it. But both of us are very fond of red wine."

We bet everyone had a few glasses last night to celebrate!

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