Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes


Dear Ted:
I am not a fan of Eva Mendes, but I love Ryan Gosling, so I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a chance. Can you give us a hint as to their Blind Vices? Would either of theirs get in the way of this new relationship?

Dear Don't Be Silly:
That's exactly what's drawing them together, darling! Total hotness. And much more deserving of our slobbering attention than Blake Lively and that oddly aging Leonardo DiCaprio, if you ask me. Of course, Ryan and Eva's relationship will probably go the same direction as Blake and Leo's. But it sure is fun for now!

Dear Ted:
Lea Michele has said that if she were to hook up with any of her castmates on Glee it would be Cory Monteith. Now that she is single, do you think there is a chance for them, or do you think Cory would rather be dating Chris Colfer, if ya know what I mean?

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Dear Love Query:
I think Cory and Lea would happen before Cory and Chris—at least on the red carpet, if you know what I mean.

Dear Ted:
I need Riley Keough and Alex Pettyfer news! I'm desperate!

Dear Sex Addict:
Darling, there's not much I can say that's printable, sorry. But they're still going strong.

Dear Ted:
I watched Cleopatra for the first time, so my question is about the remake. Angelina Jolie is supposed to play Cleopatra, but who do you think should play Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony. I can't really think of anyone.

Dear Casting Call:
Ideal world? Julius Caesar should be Billy Bob Thornton and Marc Antony should be Brad Pitt.

Dear Ted:
Do you get the feeling that there is something off about Justin Timberlake lately? He won the Environmental Media Award over the weekend and appeared quite nervous and dare I say a bit tipsy during his acceptance speech, which is very unlike him. The J.T. Shriners tournament this year was a low-key affair and many felt he didn't seem that interested. His personal life is a joke to say the least. Will he ever get back to music?!

Dear WTF?
A joke? Come again? Just because the dude's got mixed-up love problems doesn't mean he's laughable. Just means he's a guy, really. And yes, he'll back to music as soon as he's a certifiable movie star.

Dear Ted:
Would like to congratulate Zachary Quinto for coming out in such a classy and admirable way. More actors should follow suit. He keeps his personal life out of the tabloids and makes every role he takes on his own. Whether a brilliant Martian or a dysfunctional mass murderer, his skills are unbeatable. When an actress comes out, Hollywood thinks it's sexy (and temporary!), but they don't have the same tolerance for when a man comes out. Very weird. Quite honestly, I would squeal at the heat-inducing thought of Quinto dating openly Toothy Tile. One can only dream.

Dear Right On:
I think Zachary dating Toothy would not only put both their movie careers into a different stratosphere, but it would also have people saying Ellen and Portia who?

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