Guess Who


If we had Ryan Gosling all to ourselves, we'd smooch him every chance we got too.

Which is exactly what this par-tick leading lady did, when she and Ry-guy took a spin through Hollywood on Sunday and decided to use a red light as the perfect opportunity to pucker up for the photogs. So who is the lucky broad?

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes, of course!

Looks like she and Ryan are doing more than just holding hands these days.

So now that they've escalated from Disneyland dates to front seat hijinx, is this twosome getting serious?

Not quite—they weren't caught in the backseat, after all!

Let's put it this way: We don't Eva will be joining the ranks of Rachel McAdams or Sandra Bullock any time soon, but in the meantime, Ryan certainly seems to be enjoying his canoodle time with his The Pace Beyond the Pines costar.

And let's face it, hooking up with your hot costar is like breathing for celebs these days.

No word yet from either of the twosome's peeps, but Ryan has said that he is looking for a nice woman to settle down with and make some (sure to be adorable) babies with.

Whether Eva is that gal is yet to be determined (we're guessing no), but ya know what they say: practice makes perfect. And we are all for Ryan PDA'ing around town while he searches!

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