Taylor Swift


Now, you can smell like Taylor Swift! The singing sensation launched Wonderstruck, her very first fragrance, yesterday at Macy's in NYC.

As for the last time she was wonder-struck herself? Tay says it's been with all of surprise performers who have joined her on tour, like Justin Bieber and T.I.

"Just having all of these amazing artists come up on stage and sing with me makes me wonderstruck," she told me yesterday.

And although she's worked with tons of music's biggest names, she already knows who she'd love to duet with next:

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"I'd love to sing with Bruno Mars because he has an incredible voice," she told me.

Although Taylor has her schedule pretty full with her tour and perfume launch, she says she'd like to do some more acting in the future.

If anyone can juggle more, it's her! The sweet singer showed up 10 minutes early to her appearance, where crowds were lined up outside the store waiting for her.

Once inside of Macy's, she took her time with fans who waited in line to meet her, offering hugs to everyone and comforting overexcited fans who were in tears of joy.

"There are so many people here and so many people outside!" Taylor marveled. "I always wanted to have a fragrance ever since I started making music. I love how it has such an impact on people's memories."

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