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Yes, we've been torturing you loyal CSI: New York fans for weeks with the promise of this interview with Carmine Giovinazzo and Anna Belknap. But the time has come, and we can finally spill all the dirt on just how much trouble Danny is in.

So how did Danny get into this rookie mess? Is his career on the line? And as an extra-special treat for the Danny-Lindsay fans, we have an awesome sneak peek of Lindsay coming to the rescue of her hubby...

This season has shown a different type of Danny Messer: as a responsible sergeant. Giovinazzo says: "What's cool about this is usually [Danny's] always the guy that's f--king things up." But that doesn't mean that everything is smooth sailing with his group of rookies.

No stranger to Internal Affairs Bureau investigations himself, former loose cannon Danny is used to trouble with a capital T.  But this time it's really not his fault. No really, it's not. Belknap explains: "He and his officers are involved in this sort of sketchy thing. He's implicated just because he's there as their sergeant and they're out drinking. So even though he wasn't doing anything wrong, he wasn't drinking, somebody got killed so they're all in a lot of trouble."

Don't fear. Mrs. Messer will have her husband's back. "Lindsay, who's tired of sitting around feeling anxious," Belknap tells us, "feels like she can't do anything. She's not allowed to work on the case because it's a conflict of interest, so she takes an uncharacteristic step and goes out to try and help Danny."

After more than seven seasons, we know there's nothing quite like the strong team of our favorite CSIs. Belknap tells us: "It turns out that maybe these new people that Danny's working with are not quite as loyal as he hopes...I think that he starts valuing more the family of the lab. And that he belongs there, that maybe that's his home."

Let's presume for a minute that Danny doesn't lose his badge over this. Shocked gasp! Could this be the incident that sends him back to the lab? He may want to after the drama goes down: "It stems from [Danny] being smacked in the face with the reality that these guys, that he was trying to help, are a bit selfish," Giovinazzo explains. "They made a choice like this, [to lie]."

Danny's career in danger. Danny betrayed by his team of rookies. How could this episode possibly get better? Add in some moments with fan favorites, Danny-Lindsay and you have a winner!

Check out the clip of Lindsay as the voice of reason and awesomeness as she comes to the aid of her husband and goes toe to toe against Internal Affairs Bureau Lt. Mitchell Adler (Dean Norris). You're welcome. You can thank us in the comments. 

CSI: New York airs tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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