Last week's episode was filled with a lot of long words we wouldn't be able to pronounce without some practice, and tonight's episode was just filled with a lot of words. A lot of loud, in-yo-face words.

As the group of girls got smaller and smaller, the competition grew fierce and personalities started to clash in the house. So the drama that we were waiting to get a taste of was finally here.

And you can probably guess who was in the middle of it...

Catwalkers Catfight: Finally! After this long in the house, it's about time that some girls get into it. Shannon was nice enough to try and set up a calling plan for everyone in the house to have equal time using the phone, but Bianca wasn't sure the "good girl" calculated the minutes correctly. When she questioned if 20 minutes was enough for every girl, all of a sudden, Shannon starts to cry! What the frock?!

You could see the dumbfounded look on Bianca's face, because she really didn't even get loud with her, but the "crying Christian" continued to explain that she hates confrontation, and that led to Lisa stepping in and getting into a verbal showdown with B.

Kardashian Krusade: Well, well, well, look who showed up. Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian Odom made an appearance on the show tonight, as this week's challenge included a Kardashian Kollection fashion show. All the contestants had to strut their stuff by doing their signature runway walk on and off a moving carousel, with the K girls, Kris and Bruce Jenner all in the audience. When it came down to choosing a winner, the trio couldn't pick just one model. So the two ladies who won an entire outfit from the Kollection were…

Bre and Lisa, Bianca's BFF and worst enemy. How funny!

Tensions were still high and although Bianca started toying with the idea of going home, after her sista Bre told her that everyone was forming a coalition to have her leave, the fire was refueled and B was ready to compete with a vengeance.

King of Pop Shot: The girls' photo shoot was inspired by Michael Jackson. Each contestant was dressed by his personal stylist Rushka in an outfit that portrayed a different period of time in his life. To get some extra help on how to embody such an icon, LaToya Jackson stopped by to give the models some tips. Just picture a lot of jazz hands, crotch grabs and standing on their toes.

Bon Voyage, Be-yotches: There was a twist in tonight's elimination. For the first time, LaToya was the deciding factor in who had the best photo and chose the order of the lineup from best to worst. So who excelled at capturing her brother's essence? Country girl Laura! Who were bottom two? Angelea and Lisa. And you'll never guess who went home. No, seriously, you won't.

LaToya closes the elimination round by saying, "I have to tell you that my brother was about love, expression, about giving. What I saw in the photo shoot is that you girls all gave, you gave your love, you gave your expression, so because of that, I'm not sending anyone home. You're all safe."

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