When the cats ladies are away the mice men will play build a deck. At least that's what they tell us on Grey's Anatomy. Gone are the days (for this week at least) of Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) angsty and insightful opening voice-over and instead we are treated to the LOL-inducing boys' perspective.

What great understandings did we learn on the trip into the male brain? Why do guys like power tools? And who is Grey's latest hot triangle? Time to find out...


The House That Doctors Built: There's nothing quiet like manual labor to relieve stress. Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) dream house on the hill is actually progressing quiet nicely. And we love that, deep inside, Derek knows he's still fighting the good fight and building the dream for Meredith and baby to live in. In addition to soapy doctor dramas, we watch a lot of HGTV, so we love a good outdoor space.

It's a big boys club when he invites Jackson (Jesse Williams), Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) former love interest Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George), who is presumably back from the unnamed South American country in Off the Map (now we're getting our TV shows confused). But the best thing about boys with power tools is Jackson's mid-construction outburst. Finally expressing his frustration at the Mark-refusing-to-teach-him situation. But that leads us to a whole new obsession.

And Thus, a Bromance Was Born: We have so many emotions when it comes to Mark, Jackson and inevitably Lexie (Chyler Leigh). But for this week, we got to see how, in a perfect world, Jackson and Mark would be as besties. And it was a beautiful thing. They need a cute name. Markson? Sloary? We were prepared to say that Eric Dane does his best work while sharing scenes with a tiny baby actress, but when he rolled into the boys party and told Avery to get in the car, well, we just about died from hysterical laughter. Died.

It's just like our fickle Dr. Sloan to get jealous when another doctor wants to play with his toy teach his resident. But all's well that ends well. A nice long overdue heart to heart with real BFF Derek sets things right. Everyone's struggling with the big changes. Owen is chief. Mark is a father. Derek is not. Big life changes people, big life changes.

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Ear Over Tardis? Those are the real tough life decisions, right? How is a Dr. Who Fan to choose? This week's background case is another thing the geeky TV lovers know well: Comic-Con! Or actually a nontrademarked Seattle version of the days-long geektastic mecca. And where there are geeks, there are costumes. And where there is rare geek swag, there is fighting. And missing ears. And hobbits with crushes on April (Sarah Drew). Move over not-funny sinkhole! Because we like our maimed patients geeky.


"You have a reputation for being a nice person. I think it's crap."—Ben
"I don't care about my ear. I care about the tardis."—Earless Nerd Patient
"You know you're the chief not the sheriff, right?"—Mark
"My guess, which one of them gets to take you to prom."—Ben


Hello, Mommy! As we saw in the promo for next week's episode, Debbie Allen stands up and makes her presence known. As completely awesome. She comes to Seattle Grace with a groundbreaking surgery and no doubt some family drama with son Jackson. Expect a little (but probably big) shake up, because there's nothing like a good meeting-the-boyfriend's-mother over a super-rare operation scene.

Holding Babies Brings Up Feelings: Owen did some really nice baby-holding this week. In fact, if you listened closely, his nonexistent ovaries were crying. Couple that with his little mention of walking on eggshells at home and you've got a goldmine of drama brewing. OK, we may have mixed some metaphors but you get the idea: The Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) drama is far from over.

Was Grey's back on track this episode? Did you ever think it was off track? Did you miss the ladies of Seattle Grace? Hit the comments and tell us all about it.

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