Drive, Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan

Richard Foreman/OddLot Entertainment

The most resounding response to our Drive giveaway?

That there are a helluva lot of straight dudes who are totally willing to go gay for Ryan Gosling. Which is so not surprising—his gorgeous mug and swoon-worthy guns defy any sexuality. Plus, he's like a really, really good actor.

And since we heart his new flick Drive, we were tres thrilled to give away some swag, and all you had to do was write a wow-worthy review in 140 characters.

And the winners are:

Third Prize: Bigeyed Bong: "Will E! cover my eye treatment bcoz i'm cross eyed trying to keep one on Ry-G n undressing him with the other? Pure hotness!"

We won't pay for your optometrist visit, babe, but maybe some sweet driving gloves with help soothe your pain. Plus, you can give your eyes a rest and let your naughty imagination run wild picturing Ry wearing the driving gloves...and just the driving gloves.

Second Prize: CaryW: "Drive is such an amazing film, went in with a crush on Carey Mulligan. Left with a crush on Ryan Gosling."

We told ya, here's just one of many team swapping fellahs! And while we love us some Carey, we prefer Ry by far. Hopefully your signed soundtrack will help lull you into a bicurious Ryan Gosling R.E.M. cycle, Cary!

Grand Prize: JohnnyKrimpets: "Drive is so mantasic that it will have you going 60 in your moms mini van in a walmart parking lot"

You're telling us, Johnny! Hopefully your swanky silk scorpion jacket will help you woo one of those mama's making a pit stop at WalMart and you'll get your own (hopefully less bloody) adventure, you Gosling wannabe!

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