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Believe it or not, Edward Cullen was not the first vampire on the big screen.

And for all you youngins who think Twilight kicked off the sexy, undead craze, here's a shocker: Brad Pitt—ya know, that Benjamin Button guy with the beard who's always on tabloid covers—earned his fangs in Interview With the Vampire long before Bella Swan hit the scene.

So what does Brad-boy think of his bloodsucking successors?

"I don't know enough about it, really," Brad dished to Entertainment Weekly, about the Robert Pattinson phenomenon.

What?!! Someone in T-town who isn't counting down until Breaking Dawn releases?

Blame Shiloh and Maddox: "Listen, because of my kids, I see only movies for 10 and under. I've seen them all, and I've seen them 10 times over."

But he does know how Taylor Lautner is. Just not as Jacob.

"Sharkboy and Lavagirl? That's a great movie," Brad tells the mag about one of Tay's hilar pre-teen flicks. "Which one is he? Sharkboy? The guy that's always photographed with his shirt off—is that the guy? That's Sharkboy? Wow. I had no idea."

Bingo, that'd be the one, B. Thing is, doesn't seem like Brad really digs the whole undead craze anyway.

"I was miserable. Six months in the f---ing dark," Brad recalls about his work on Interview with the Vampire. "Contact lenses, makeup...You leave for work in the dark—you go into this cauldron, this mausoleum—and then you come out and it's dark."

But these days you get a pair of undies with your undead face on them. You'd think that's something a two-time People's Sexiest Winner would have earned by now.

On the subject, Brad dishes, "Well, they're not saying you're the Biggest A—hole, you know? When you get older, you realize it's just for fun. Clooney and I were able to have fun with it later...I didn't spend much time thinking about it."

And, of course, he had a few tidbits to say about his ladyfriend, Angelina Jolie. All glowing, of course.

"We work really well together," Brad reveals about his days on Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Ange. "We had some good workshops beforehand. Had some good laughs and ideas. That was just a great collaboration that turned into a greater collaboration."

A very controversial collaboration. But who cares these days, right?

Oh, and as for those always-present split rumors? Brad can't seem to get enough of his baby mama. In fact, he wants to re-team with her on the big screen, like, all the time.

"We should be doing them together—that's what we should be doing. We should be doing everything together, and then we could work less. We could have more time off."

Do we smell a Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2? Maybe Taylor Lautner could play his protégé. You're welcome, Hollywood!

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