We already can't get enough of Ryan Gosling's hot factor. His combination of badass 'tude, a nice firm butt and that mysterious smile makes us all go crazy. 

Even better? All that man-spark is caught perfectly on camera with costar Carey Mulligan in his new film, Drive

Not up for a violent drama? No worries. Because trust, this steamy clip below will only make you drool:

Hotter than hell if you ask us!

And the lack of dialogue only lets us focus on Ry's sexiness (and Carey's, too, maybe) even more. 

We're convinced this movie is a must-see just for that passionate kiss alone, but where are all the cars and action? The movie is called, Drive, after all. 

Heck, screw the cars and stuntmen. Who cares when Ryan's near sinister sex scenes are this steamy. 


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