Amy Winehouse, Russel Brand

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Dear Ted:
Russell Brand
's tribute to Amy Winehouse at the MTV VMAs was really good! How is he doing? Is he still clean, or does he have a Vice about him still doing drugs? That would be really sad seeing as he said people can get clean.

Dear High on Life:
It was nice to see Russell talk about his longtime pal (his written words were pretty touching too), so I'm happy to report he's clean as a whistle. At least, when it comes to dubious drugs. As I'm sure you already know, Brand (and his wifey-poo too) are Blind Vice Superstars. He's just not in there for anything illegal.

Dear Ted:
Can you give us clues as to what Olivia Wilde's B.V. is? Is it something that could hurt her career?

Dear Wilde Side:
Hardly, babe. In fact, so far it's only helped her career. As shocking as that may be, sometimes Vices are good for biz—bet ya didn't think of that, did you, J? And it's certainly not as naughty of a B.V. as, say, that other Olivia seen about town: Munn.

Dear Ted:
I am intrigued by Ryan Murphy's new show American Horror Story. Do you think any Glee stars will drop in for guest roles? I would love to see Lea Michele on the show. Although, I think Chord Overstreet or John Stamos could use the work more!

Dear Fright Night:
That's a bloody brilliant idea, Lisa (especially for the divine Ms. Michele), but I wouldn't count on it. The Gleekers are far too busy on Ry's show-tunes croonin' set to test their scare tactics. As for Chord? He's already landed another gig on the small screen. Stamos is a whole different story.

Dear Ted:
Do you think we will have some Robsten moments soon? It's really hard for me to see them apart—she in London and he in L.A. Who do you think is taking it harder? Who do you think will make a bigger effort to be with the other?

Dear PDA Deprived:
I think you might be taking it hardest, Noelle. Well, you and all the Robsten fanatics. For the gajillionth time, Rob and Kristen aren't fretting the temporary distance, especially seeing as they know they'll have plenty of time to get cozy on the Breaking Dawn press tour.

Dear Ted:
I've been wondering how Hard-Nipple Nick and his famous wife are doing. Is he still with his famous BF, or has he moved on? I find Mr. and Ms. Nick's respective partners very interesting. What have they been up to?

Dear Nick of Time:
Didn't you hear the dirt on Nicky I dished last week? He's got bigger problems than whose bed he's hopping in these days...Like who's spilling the beans on his sexy little secrets! But anyway, when Nick finds the time, he certainly still sees his man on the side. Just far more discreetly, these days.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me you've hated an actor or actress without really understanding why. For me, that actress is Blake Lively. I don't understand her appeal, and I was heartbroken when she got Savages over Amber Heard and Abbie Cornish. Do you have any insight as to how she got that role and how long her flame will last?

Dear Playing the Part:
Blake knows how to get into character, whether you think she's a good actress or not. But don't worry about the blonde babes you like. They're keeping plenty busy playing Playboy bunnies and royal romancers, respectively.

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