Robert Pattinson, Bel Ami

Incognito Films

We know you're all dying to see Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn, duh.

But first you'll get to see R.Pattz get his period piece on in his next flick, Bel Ami. The film is set to land Oct. 19 (almost exactly one month before the vampire saga's triumphant return) and it looks like Edward Cullen won't be the only one getting some big-screen lovin':

'Cause Rob's character, Georges Duroy, is getting it on with everyone.

Well, mainly Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman, but that's hot enough for us. Especially seeing as it looks like they do it a lot.

And we never nix a sex scene involving our fave Brit bad boy. (What say you? Is it too painful to watch him sex up any lady who isn't Kristen Stewart?)

Oh, and when he's not hitting the sheets with one of those high-society chicks, there's some wedding biz and funeral brooding inserted for good measure. But that seems boring in comparison, no?

Here's hoping this is Rob's (non-supernatural) big-screen success story! But until then, peep the pictures and let us know if you agree: the old-fashioned playboy look suits our Robby, doncha think?

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