Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen,

You know that fabulously sexy pic Steven Soderbergh's working on, Magic Mike? You know, the one that's teasing to have full frontal with dudes such as Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer?

Well, Lindsay Lohan, as we reported, was being strongly considered for a role as a troublesome girlfriend to one of the stripper characters in the flick. But Soderbergh shot that one down fast, saying he didn't want Lindsay.

What's her response to all this:

"Her people called up, begging Steven to say it wasn't true," says a source thisclose to SS. "He said no."

He said no to that request because it is true, of course.

In fact, we hear that Linds was S.S.'s top pick to play the part (he thought she'd be perfect for it), but after approaching the party gal (and her peeps, too) about a potential big screen comeback role, decided that it wasn't worth the trouble.

Like, at all.

Which isn't terribly shocking, Team Lohan doesn't exactly have a reputation for being the easiest people to work with.

But Linds doesn't want people knowing the only work it seems she can book these days is cheesy airline commercials and roles on the small screen (and we mean really small screen, as in YouTube small), which is why she begged the director dude to say it wasn't so.

See what Steven deftly avoided by not casting Lohan, after all?

LiLo certainly puts in the elbow grease to fix her soiled rep every time she loses a potential part, but just imagine if she exerted that much effort on her acting beforehand. She might land a role or two.

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