Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart

Rankin/Universal Studios

You know we totally adore everything about Kristen Stewart.

That said, apparently we're all in for a treat, ‘cause sources close to her latest production, Snow White and the Huntsman, tell us our fave gal is getting a makeover. We're not talkin' about a new hairdo or anything, apparently Kristen's makeover is totally internal!

And it's all about the confidence, dolls.

"You know how she's always kind of dug her shoulders in, looked a little like she's digging her teeth?" an in-the-know Snow White insiders tell us. "Well, she is now so different. Those shoulders are back, sister, and she is proud! It's a nice change from her past roles."

All together now: Hallelujah!

You know we dig K.Stew in her mucho famous fangbanger role as Bella Swan, but we're totally ready to see her kick some ass in Snow White. It's about time the girl got to do the savin' instead of being saved by a hunky vamp.

And apparently things are going swimmingly on the set:

"She's doing great, having a really great time filming," our source says about the flick that began shooting last Monday.

And in case you were still a bit worried about K and her costars (what with the London riots and all), we're told once more than everything is A-OK.

"No, she was not affected by riots," we're promised. "She is completely fine. The whole cast is. No one was ever in danger."

Well, in that case, let's start the countdown until Snow White hits theaters!

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