Did Jennifer Aniston Do Drugs With Paul Rudd?

Get the scoop on former Friends star's upcoming comedy Wanderlust

By Marc Malkin Aug 18, 2011 5:12 PMTags
Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, WanderlustGemma La Mana/Universal Pictures

After seeing a nearly naked Jennifer Aniston saying things that even made us blush as the sexed-up dentist from hell in Horrible Bosses, is there anything left for her to do to surprise us?

How about if we watch her get high?

As we told you back in November, we'll likely see Aniston tripping on a peyote-like drug in the upcoming comedy Wanderlust.

Her costar Paul Rudd, however, won't confirm or deny what happens in the comedy, also costarring Aniston's boyfriend, Justin Theroux. "We actually smoked peyote offset a lot," Rudd cracked last night at the Nylon Guys magazine and WeSC party at Gjelina restaurant in Venice. "Actually, do you smoke peyote or do you take it? I don't know."

Rudd and Aniston are a couple who end up on a commune in the country when they can't afford New York City's astronomical rents.

As his fans know, this isn't the Our Idiot Brother star's first time at the Aniston rodeo. They've known each other for more than 20 years.

"I  remember when we were making The Object of My Affection," he said of their 1998 flick, "we couldn't believe we were actually on a movie set making a movie. It was like, We're really making this movie together?"