Leonardo DiCaprio, J. Edgar

Keith Bernstein/Warner Bros. Pictures

We can't wait to see Leonardo DiCaprio as a septuagenarian J. Edgar Hoover in the upcoming biopic J. Edgar.

While Leo's far from looking like a man in his seventies, the first official studio pic of DiCaprio from Clint Eastwood-directed movie has finally been released...

DiCaprio is shown in what appears to be a courtroom. His face is fuller and slightly more wrinkled. He wears a heavy three-piece wool suit and tie while sitting at a table in front of several microphones.

Miles Fisher, who plays a G-Man seen interviewing an elderly Hoover (he died at age 77 in 1972) throughout the movie, confirms what others have been saying—DiCaprio endured a lot during the shoot. "It's unbelievable," the Final Destination 5 star said. "It's so much makeup. I think Leo was I there for six hours each time, and they had to keep the set really cold.

"All of that makeup and all of the cushioning and everything under the wardrobe is really really hot. It was kind of like when you go to a hockey game and it's so cold in the arena because of the ice. That's how it felt on the soundstage."

Sounds like a pretty cool movie to us.

J. Edgar opens in November just in time for awards season. DiCaprio's costars include Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts and Dame Judi Dench.

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