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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are no strangers to being in the spotlight.

So who better to give little sis Elizabeth Olsen advice on handling her newfound fame than the child stars turned fashion designers themselves?

Elizabeth, 22, first captured Hollywood's attention at this year's Sundance Film Festival for her starring role as a young woman coming out of a cult in Martha Marcy May Marlene (in theaters Oct. 21). Earlier this year, she filmed Red Lights opposite Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver and she recently wrapped the Josh Radnor-directed Liberal Arts.

So how's Elizabeth (friends call her Lizzie) handling the stardom? And what words of wisdom did M.K. and Ashley pass along? We caught up with her during a recent quick trip to L.A....

At Sundance everyone was talking about you. What does that feel like?
It's fun. I've always been aware throughout my life of who's the focus point for the media and I feel like it changes so often that I don't really take it to heart. So who knows? I'm not going to take it too seriously.

When you were making Martha Marcy May Marlene, did you realize it was going to be something special?
We had the best time working on it. There wasn't one problem, so we always thought something was going to go wrong [laughs]. When we were filming, we never thought about the movie beyond making it. The oldest person on the crew was 30, so it was a really close small group, a young family. It was amazing.

So I have to ask, what kind of advice have your sisters given you?
It's just to be you and not to get caught up in anything else. I mean this is all fun, and I guess you have to do this, but it's also really amazing that you get to do it.

And you're finishing up college, too?
I'm trying to. I go to NYU.

How are you going to school and working?
Well I had to email an essay to my Shakespeare in Film teacher this morning. It was due today in class and he allowed me to miss class today. And then next week I have an in-class essay and two presentations, so that's what I'll be doing on my weekend.

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