Gerard Butler

Just days after turning heads in Hollywood with a mop top of shaggy blond hair and a noticeably leaner physique, Gerard Butler has taken things to a more naked level.

A new shirtles photo of the 300 star proves that, yes, Mr. Butler has been working hard on his super sexy bod...

Butler showed off his chiseled abs and arms when he was snapped by photographers in a locker room while changing for a charity sports event in Scotland. He's wearing nothing but a pair of low-hanging white shorts. He goofed for the cameras, sticking out his tongue while making a funny face.

The actor joined a team of former Glasgow Celtic stars to help them beat a group of retired Manchester United players in a 5-2 match. The game benefited Oxfam.

As we told you last week, Butler's new look is for his upcoming role in surfing biopic Mavericks.

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