Laurence Fishburne

Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

CSI's loss is Man of Steel's gain.

We may have questioned whether or not the Superman reboot would ever make it to theaters after Warner Bros. confirmed it was pushing back the release date, but now we get a glimpse of hope.

Entertainment Weekly reports Laurence Fishburne will join fellow former TV crime-fighter Christopher Meloni in the flick as Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White.

White, a part previously played by Frank Langella in Superman Returns and by Michael McKean in the TV series Smallville, is Clark Kent and Lois Lane's tough but fair-minded boss, with very high journalistic standards.

Totally sounds like Fishburne, right? Well, the tough part at least.

Man of Steel also stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner and is slated for a June 2013 release.

So what do you think? Good casting decision or is there a better choice?

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