America, we averted a serious problem when the debt ceiling crisis was resolved at the 11th hour.

But there has been another issue looming over us, one that would truly leave its mark on our society: What if Steve Stifler ever...changed?

Scary, right?

Fortunately we caught up with the man who brought the America Pie legend to the screen, Seann William Scott, to talk about the latest film in the franchise, American Reunion, and he assures us, Stifler is just how we remember him 12 years later...

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"He hasn't changed at all!" Scott assured us emphatically.

And seriously, it's a relief. Things just wouldn't be the same if Stifler had shed the obscenity-laced, one-track mind that so defined his youth. "That's him. We all know that guy. They haven't changed at all. In fact, they've probably gotten..." Um, worse?

Seann even revealed that playing the character these days left him a little creeped out now that he, himself, has matured. "Yeah, it's really gross," he told us. "The fact that I'm 34 and these guys are 18. I'm like, Holy s--t, I'm way older than these guys."

Good to know Seann has adjusted well over the last decade even if he does have to embody one seriously deranged character.

Check out the video to hear more from the funnyguy on who's the most like their American Pie character, why fans are sometimes disappointed to meet him in person and what he has to do now to maintain that Stifler energy.

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