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Denise Richards doesn't understand the fascination with her breast implants.

"Hasn't half of Los Angeles had their boobs done?" she says while feeding her seven-week-old adopted daughter Eloise and promoting her new memoir, The Real Girl Next Door. "Yes, I'm happy with my boobs now. I have the boobs I wanted when I was 19. I never thought it would be such a big deal."

Her chest certainly wasn't the only thing we chatted about. Read on to find out what the former E! reality star has to say about dating, trash-talking Charlie Sheen and more...

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With baby Eloise and daughters Sam and Lola taking up most of her time and energy these days, Richards admits her romantic life isn't exactly in full swing. "I'm dating," she said. "But you know, it's not marriage material. It's dating-ish."

She does hope to remarry some day. "I loved being married and I loved being a wife—for the short time that I was," Richards said. "I love men and I love being in love, so I know I will definitely meet the right someone some day."

Richards says of her ideal man, "I'm attracted to men with children and obviously someone who is great with kids and could be a very good role model.

"Like I said in the book," she continued, "whoever it is, he will be in a house fill of girls who love and adore him."

So how did she keep the adoption so private? Surprisingly, not one celebrity tabloid got wind of it before she was ready to announce the news earlier this month. "I was so grateful to the few people that I did tell," Richards said. "They kept it a secret and were very loyal and protective. I started the process almost two years ago. There were times it was discouraging, when I thought I was going to adopt and then it didn't happen. But I've always wanted more kids."

As for the rumors that Comedy Central has asked her to participate in its upcoming roast of Charlie Sheen, Richards says she hasn't received any such offer.

"Sure it could be funny and clever to have one of the ex-wives come and be a part of the roast, but at the same time, I don't know if it's the best thing to do or the classiest thing to do," she said. "I would just be taking cheap shots, right?"

You certainly would.

Now we want to hear from you. Should Denise Richards roast Charlie Sheen or stay out of it? Chime in below.

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