Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Optic Photos,

Dear Ted:
I have a very strong feeling that Justin Theroux might be the one for Jennifer Aniston. I'm hoping they get married and have babies! It's been a long time coming for her, especially after the whole Brangelina saga. What do you think?

Dear Celeb Matchmaker:
I totally like Jennifer with Justin, but here's the deal, hon: I don't think Jen's as obsessed with finding the one as y'all are. Yes it's serious—he met her dad, they're house- hunting—but the good girl is good, married or unmarried. Tho I'll def admit, they would make some adorbs little rugrats.

Dear Ted:
What's up with the coroner conducting a full investigation in to Amy Winehouse's death because they found something in the autopsy that led them to believe she died a violent and unnatural death?
Dollie (via Facebook)

Dear Wait on It:
I wouldn't say they believe that she died a violent death; they just haven't found anything yet to rule it out. Still suspicious tho because the coroner didn't automatically disregard it. We're all curious, doll. So sad.

Dear Ted:
I think I know who Possum Santana could be, but I think she's got another Blind Vice. Is that possible? In other words, can someone have two Blind Vice names? Is it Eva Longoria and Tony Parker? Picked my quit date. I'm going to be a grandmother. Smoke free.

Dear Double Duty:
No, my dear, it's not possible to dabble with two Vicey monikers—one name only in this dirty club! And super congrats on your cancer-stick stop date. Really cool decision. 

Dear Ted:
What do you think the chances are that Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart will do another movie together?

Dear Big Chance:
Rob wants to, at least. It's harder than you'd think, to make sure they get the right characters and coordinating they're cray-zee schedules and all. Fingers crossed.

Dear Ted:
Lots of the blogs are speculating that Debbie Doobie could be the lovely Jennifer Aniston. Thoughts?

Dear Is That Your Final Answer?
Bzzz. Wrong again about Doobs. Way. Incorrect league on every level.

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