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Kelsey Grammer might have set a new record for the celebrity walk-out: His Wednesday sit-down with CNN's Piers Morgan was over before it began.

Here's a llook at other stars who've starred in aborted interviews:

1. Megan Fox: The publicist for the with-child actress pulled the plug on an Entertainment Tonight interview when correspondent Steve Jones broached the subject of Fox's pregnancy despite being told to, well, not broach the subject of Fox's pregnancy (or anything else personal). Through it all, Fox played the good sport, and technically this wasn't a walk-out as the star remained seated long enough to big Jones farewell.

2. Paris Hilton: The celebutante abruptly exited a 2011 interview with ABC News reporter Dan Harris after he suggested she'd been bypassed on the fame track by Kim Kardashian, and asked if "her moment [had] passed." Hilton coolly looked offscreen toward her publicist, and then went for a little walk. She later returned, although not to the hot seat, and showed Harris her dog house mansion. 

3. Gary Coleman: Months before his 2010 death, the former child star was an unwell man whose mood was not improved by an Insider debate on the state of his domestic union. His buttons pushed, Coleman hit eject on the appearance, going out with some choice expletives. "Wow, that was hard to watch," anchor Lara Spencer said. Yes, it was. 

4. Robert Pattinson: At the 2009 New Moon premiere, Ryan Seacrest asked Pattinson about his then-rumored romance with costar Kristen Stewart, causing Pattinson's flack to all but yank the actor out of the studio. Like Fox's shut-down interview, this one's not a classic walk-out. Pattinson was sheepish; Seacrest dumbfounded. "I was just cut off for the first time ever," the host said. 

5. Russell Crowe: Hard as it is to believe, this Oscar-winning pussycat took offense to a question (about whether he played Robin Hood with an Irish accent) and then another question (about which lines he did or did not want to say in Gladiator) before unplugging his BBC Radio mic in 2010. At least no telephones were harmed

6. Bobby Brown: The singer's mother is deceased now, but back in the mid-1990s, when Brown was out on the town with then-wife Whitney Houston, she was not to be affectionately referred to as "a riot," much less "a trip." Trust us on this.

7. The Bee Gees: This famous/infamous 1990s TV appearance began with the U.K. interviewer comparing Barry Gibbs' falsetto to Mickey Mouse's. Nine mildly uncomfortable minutes later, the eldest Gibb walks, prompting his two siblings to follow. It's all rather dignified. Except for the host's agape look.

(Originally published July 21, 2011, at 5 a.m. PT)

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