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So True So False, STSF

Of course, it wouldn't come as a complete shock. After all, this is George Clooney we're talking about here.

Just weeks after placing himself back on the market upon splitting with Elisabetta Canalis, the rumor mill has been working overtime with talk that the actor will have a brand new piece of arm candy when he hits up the Venice Film Festival next month.

So, will Clooney be canoodling with some cutie in Italy? Well, according to the man himself, this story is...

So false!

"The Italian press, from Corriere Della Sera to TGCOM, Ansa, NewNotizie, and even Vanity Fair are all running a story that quotes me as saying that I'm bringing a 'new girl' to the Venice Film Festival," says Clooney in a statement sent to E! News. "I never made that statement and it's not true. It was made up to sell tabloid magazines. It's a ridiculous lie and should be corrected as publicly as it was originally written."

Then again, had this rumor been true, it definitely would have felt a bit like déjà vu seeing how this film fest is the very same one where, two years ago, Clooney made his first public appearance with, yep, Canalis.

Yeah, probably best to just wait for another big event to roll around before debuting a possible love interest. Otherwise, it's just kinda weird.

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