Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev

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Say goodbye to good old Hermione Granger.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is trying her hand at a much edgier role in the upcoming sex- and drug-filled coming-of-age flick The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

So just how risqué is Watson getting?

"The world has only seen her basically in one role—a pretty conservative, sweet, smart character, which is great," Watson's Wallflower costar Nina Dobrev told us earlier today while promoting her PSA for Puma's breast cancer charity organization Project Pink. "But this one, she pushes the envelope in a different way than anyone's ever seen her, which is really great. It's a great role for her."

The British cutie recently opened up about the racy film, even revealing that her character Sam has a Rocky Horror-inspired scene in which she dances around in a corset.

So what will Watson's die-hard Potter fans think of her dark side?

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"I think they're going to be excited to see her in something else," Dobrev says. "And see her spread her wings and try different things. It's always exciting to see someone you love do something different and see a different side of them."

And it sounds like we'll be seeing a new side to the Vampire Diaries actress as well.

"My character is a victim of abuse," Dobrev says. "So she's abused, and [my brother] Charlie [played by Logan Lerman] witnesses that. That's kind of my drama of the movie."

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