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Say it ain't so! Did a rogue Krisbian track down Robert Pattinson up in Vancouv and punish him for all those nasty internet rumors with a pie in the face?

Duh, no—but we wouldn't put it past 'em! (Come on! We love the Krisbians just as much as we heart all the other Twihards).

Actually, here's why Rob's got such a creamy treat on his pucker:

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Rob—who is very much still on with GF Kristen Stewart—was filming scenes for his new movie and had his perfectly sculpted face spoilt with pie all in the name of art.

For those fretting about another trip to the circus à la Water for Elephants, we want to assure you, pie-chucking clowns are completely uninvolved in R.'s new flick, Cosmopolis. So why did the poor guy endure the sloppy glop?

'Cause he's a rich guy turned poor! And he's just trying to get a hair cut, man.

Ah yes, an actor with all the money, fame, and fawning babes in H'wood is making one of those humility movies. And a pie in the face is just one of many sucky encounters—ya know, like also realizing his limo was totally trashed—that R.Pattz's character endures as he loses his fortune in one totally crappy day.

Hmm, with Twilight wrapping soon, perhaps this par-tick flick is a bit ominous? We kid.

Seriously, we're not serious at all. There's no way our pale prodigy is going anywhere in T-town unless it's jet setting off to see his Bella in London. Which he might want to so Twihards will stop with the breakup brouhaha.

But that's a totally different issue.

We can't wait for Rob's latest flick to hit theatres—which apparently just so happens to land in your local Cineplex right around the time K.Stew's Snow White and the Huntsman hits the big screen.

Looks like next year will be another lover's quarrel at the box office, ya know, like when Rob's Remember Me and K's Runaways came out came at the same friggin' time last year. We can almost taste the tension already!

But until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the silly faces Rob makes when he's covered in pie. We know we do.

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