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UPDATE: We'll admit: looks like we got our Pattinson-lovin' panties in a twist early and some of you crafty—and a few crabby—readers caught on quick. We had a hard time believing Penn would beat out Rob for a role anyway. R.Pattz is still in the running for the role, but things don't look to good, as speculation says flick might cast an unknown. Guess that means we have to start the Pick Rob campaign now, right?


Robert Pattinson is a guy who isn't used to hearing "no."

The Twilight hunk has been popping out films left and right because, let's face it, casting his oft-scruffy mug is a guarantee that tweens will get in a tizzy no what matter what the par-tick flick is. Remember that total downer Remember Me?

Yup, R.Pattz is pretty much unstoppable. But apparently messy hair, a swoon-worthy accent and a mega-million franchise will only get you so far.

'Cause R. recently lost his dream role to another young hunk:

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So who was able to trump the seemingly invincible vamp?

Uh, Gossip Girl star and former Blake Lively BF Penn Badgley.

What is this madness?! In what possible universe does the CW soap trump Twilight?

The iconic role in question is that of the late singer Jeff Buckley in the upcoming biopic. And to add insult to injury, Rob apparently really wanted it too. So much so that he paid a personal visit to Buckley's mother and an exec producer on the film, Mary Guibert.

And while R.P.'s schmooze work left Ms. Guibert to singin' his praises, it wasn't enough.

Seeing as the part called for a guy who could carry a tune, you'd think Rob would have been a shoo-in. But it turns out that Penn has been hiding some serious pipes as well as his ability to play piano!

Why have you been keeping your musical talents in the dark, P.? Many an opportunity for Dan to serenade Serena has been wasted. Or, ya know, an interesting duet with Hilary Duff pre or post that infamously icky threesome.

Maybe that could have boosted GG's dwindling ratings.

In all fairness, if they're going for authenticity, we suppose Penn's handsome features do bear more of a resemblance to the late singer and his voice is more Buckley-esque than Pattz's.

Not to mention, out of the three reported finalists for the role, including Rob and James Franco, P.B. is relatively the most unknown—and probably comes with the cheapest price tag.

And Penn could surely use this film to springboard his career away from the sinking ship that is the Upper East Side.

Just like Blake and Leighton have been doing!

Whatever, you better be fan-freaking-tastic Mr. Badgley, or you'll have to deal with a few pissed off Pattinson fans.

Better luck next time, Edward. Lonely Boy won this time. XOXO

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