Guys, close your drooling mouths.

We know Blake Lively is one hot mama and it doesn't help that she's wearing a gorgeous white Chanel dress to the premiere of Green Lantern in Hollywood today, where she stopped to chat with E! News' Ben Lyons along with her date.

Or should we say dates...

Although the starlet did not arrive with boy-toy Leonardo DiCaprio, she didn't come solo!

We were lucky to meet the fashionista's three cute dates—her nephews—which she claims are the reason for her wanting this role so badly.

"You know when I heard about this movie, I thought, Oh they would think I'm so awesome, and I had a vision of this moment."

We're sure they thought Auntie Blake was awesome before, but this probably helped.

The star discussed her crazy pilot training for the movie which included flight simulators and working with test pilots.

Then it got to the yummy stuff...her baking.

Ryan Reynolds has mentioned numerous times that Blake is quite the baker, and when Ben brings this to her attention all she could say was, "I'm actually a really incredible baker."

She proceeds to explain different treats that she would make at home which involved something along the lines of chocolate, marshmallows and caramel. Either way it sounded ridiculously good.

You want more info?! Watch the video clip above!

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