John Malkovich's Prague Hotel Room Burglarized

Transformers actor's trip to the Czech Republic hits a snag, passport among items stolen

By Brandi Fowler Jun 04, 2011 8:20 PMTags
John MalkovichPaul Warner/Getty Images

Apparently being John Malkovich is not always a walk in the park (or the Czech Republic).

The Oscar-nominated actor, who plays what he calls "a jerk" in summer's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, discovered on Thursday that his Prague hotel room had been burglarized.

So what'd the thieves take?

Malkovich's passport and some personal belongings were among the items stolen from his room at the Mandarin Oriental, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Malkovich was in town to perform at the Prague Spring music festival in the play Infernal Comedy: Confession of a Serial Killer, in which he portrays Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger.

An investigation into Malkovich's stolen possessions is underway.