Pretty Little Liars, Andrew Garfield

ABC Family; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Listen up, Andrew Garfield.

While we were sad to hear about your breakup with girlfriend of three years Shannon Woodward, we have some rather good news to share.

Turns out there's one Pretty Little Liars cutie who's got a pretty big crush on you...

Back before Garfield and Woodward parted ways, Lucy Hale told us she'd love to make a romantic drama like The Notebook when she's not filming her hit ABC Family show. Guess who she named when we asked to pick a leading man?

"I like me some Andrew Garfield," Hale gushed. "I can't even take it. Did you see the Spider-Man picture? He's perfect. He's so cute."

So has the 21-year-old starlet had the pleasure of meeting the Social Network stud?

"No, I haven't," she said. "I think I would probably go back into like sixth-grade shy mode if I ever met him."

Hale is so gaga for Garfield, he's even converted her into a Spider-Man fan.

"I was never really into superhero movies," she admitted, "but I think I have to be now."

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