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You must already know that it's the hottest franchise since Twilight. And we're sure you've drooled over the cast of hotties who will be taking the characters from the book to big screen.

But we realize that lots of you are still wondering, What the ef are The Hunger Games? So for all you hungry noobies, here's the need-to-know info:

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Now, Games—based on a harrowing yet weirdly hopeful futuristic trilogy written by Suzanne Collins—isn't as simple as moody vamps waiting to get it on. It's full of politics, killing and, oh yeah, a badass babe choosing between two completely delicious dudes.

Well...maybe it has a few things in common with Twilight.

What It's All About: Kids killing each other on reality TV. Cheerful, right? Well, there's more to it, but the story takes place in a world way after North America went adios and a new "states" is set up with twelve districts centered around a Capitol (where all the evil, rich folk live). Long before the first book starts, a revolution started and failed and the Capitol was so pissed off they started The Hunger Games to remind the District people who was in charge. So every year, two kids from each District between the ages of 12 and 18 are picked to be in the tourney where they fight to survive. All while the Capitol folk watch on for entertainment.

Pretty messed up, right? Makes high school dating drama and driving tests look way less stressful, huh?

Who You're Rooting For: Katniss Everdeen, played on the big screen by Oscar nominee and ultra-babe Jennifer Lawrence. If you're looking for another angsty teen who spends all her time pining over her too-perfect BF, well Katniss isn't your gal! K is a survivor, coming from poverty and a crummy history, and a quality gal to boot—she gets roped into the games when she takes her little sis's spot, after all. And we forgot to mention: she totally kicks ass. Just wait until you see her outwit, outplay, and out last her fellow contenders.

And you know Team Truth loves a gal who can hold her own. 

Team Edward or Team Jacob: Just because Katniss & Co. are fighting for their lives, doesn't mean there isn't a love triangle of sorts—teen hormones and all that, right? So get ready to pick Team Peeta or Team Gale. While Katniss and Co. spend much of their time pre-occupied with other things,, there's a subtle romance bloomin' in the books in a non-broody way.

And now that Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have taken the roles, the man-candy competition will be tough—much tougher than it ever was between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (oh, please!).

Why It Could Be Better Than Twilight: Oscar nominees, first of all, including Jen, Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci, as well as a rather impressive cast with such proven talent such as Elizabeth Banks and many other promising, rising kid stars. Also, it features a script penned by the author herself—who knows this crew better than its creator? And we cannot impress enough that the original book material far surpasses that Twilight emo-drivel. Plus, get ready for bad-ass stunts, less on-set drama (right now, at least) and a talented director, Gary Ross, who promises loads of futuristic action.

Robsten 2.0 Potential: J.L. is taken, supposedly, Josh Hutcherson is linked up with Vanessa Hudgens and bad boy Liam has been off and on and off and on again with Miley Cyrus. But the huge cast is bursting with young talents who are sure to get cozy on their long days at work. Who knows, right? With this many gorgeous hormones on down-time, we're pretty sure we're looking at the births of at least a couple more Robstens.

The E! Connection: Ever since your very own Ted Casablanca turned down the role of Jacob Black due to scheduling conflicts, Twilight's only connection to E! is that we can't stop talking about all those good-looking bloodsuckers. But The Hunger Games feels like family 'cause Amandla Stenberg, daughter of one of our fave E! alumnae, will be kicking some serious butt as one of Katniss' unlikely arena friends, Rue. Atta girl, make us proud!

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