If an Oscar nomination wasn't enough, the totally geeked-out fanfare over future Hunger Games heroine Jennifer Lawrence's recent Katness cover shot should be enough to have her blushing. But as the chick's career is skyrocketing, she seems more down to earth than ever.

Which is why we friggin' adore her. Not every fresh face femme is willing to take on the stick-thin starlets of Tinseltown, after all:

"I did know that if I was going to be naked on screen [in X-Men: First Class] I wanted to look like a woman and not a pubescent young boy," the bombshell told Ben Lyons during an E! News interview at Gordon Ramsay at The London.

How refreshing! And we must say we're excited to see her curvy body in all it's blue-painted-glory when she hits the big screen.

But let's get to The Hunger Games goodies we're sure you're all dying for:

"I was a huge fan of the books," J.L. dished to Lyons about why she took the role. "I think the story is phenomenal.

"I think it's such an ugly truth about our world and it's an interesting concept of history repeating itself and the brutality that we all kind of have in us. I thought it was such a brave film to make."

As for the difficulties of taking on the role of Katniss, J.L. explained:

"She's a young 16 year old girl, but she has a life that's unlike any 16 year old girl of our lifetime... She's got a depth, so I have to balance that. She's older than 16 and she's not.

Well she definitely looks the part and we're sure she won't have any problems getting her ass kicking on (she had X-Men to prep her, after all).

"The training is fantastic," she spills. "I feel like Hugh Jackman—which every 20-year-old girl wants to feel like."

Good looking and funny? Love her! And apparently so do her castmates—but we already knew that!

"I really, really love Liam and Josh, like genuinely they're so great," Jen gushes. Just listen to her tell stories about hanging out with the dudes offset—complete with an impression of Liam's Aussie accent—and you can tell they're totally having fun.

So nice to see they're all getting along so well, unlike another franchise out there...

Keep it up, Jen, we're loving you more and more every time we hear you talk!

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