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While Sex and the City proved to be gold for Kim Cattrall, that doesn't mean she wants back on regular series television.

"I'm having such a good time being footloose and fancy free and not having to check in and say, 'Is it OK if I do this or do that?'" she told me the other day while promoting her new ad campaign for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. "There's no mom and pop standing over me. I enjoy that."

And that's not the only kind of freedom she's enjoying these days...

Cattrall's love life ain't too bad either. "It's pretty good," she said. "I'm dating, getting out there."

She's been married three times. Her first was annulled and the following two ended in divorce.

"It's scary but also it's exciting," she said. "It's both of those things. It's a tight rope, you know? It's feeling like you're 14 again, which you kind of like when you're 54."

Amen, sister!

As for the never-ending question about a third Sex and the City flick, Cattrall insisted, "I have no idea. I hear more prequel than sequel."

She added with a laugh, "Oh, God—the suspense!"

Sarah Jessica Parker told MTV News earlier this week that more SATC could happen. "I think there is perhaps one more small, important story to tell," she said. "Whether or not we choose to do that and when we choose to do that remains, obviously, the unknown, but it's nice to ponder."

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