Who's ready for an adventure?

We're finally getting some looks at Steven Spielberg's big return to the director's chair, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and honestly, there's kind of a lot (hint: potential trilogy and beyond) riding on this. You'll remember his last directorial feature, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, left some underwhelmed (though others, ahem, liked it.)

So, does Tintin, which also is being produced with the help of Middle-earth maestro Peter Jackson, deliver the goods we know this master of cinema can deliver? Check out the first trailer.


It's kind of hard to say with this first peek. While the motion capture looks better than we anticipated, it's a little worrisome when you consider the last movie to completely embrace this aesthetic was Mars Needs Moms, which bombed. (Could moviegoers just not like moms? Heavens!)

And while we're always excited to experience what Spielberg can pull off—not to mention see more from a comic book series that's remained popular around the world since the 1930s—we just don't get much but a taste here. Adventure and mystery are allegedly afoot, but we don't really see our hero (voiced by Jamie Bell) much or get a feel for what his upcoming adventure holds. (Kind of like the poster, too.)

Plus, what about his drunken seafaring best friend Captain Haddock? Need to see him, please.

So, what do we get? Mostly some impressive looks at what the animation is capable of: relatively lifelike figures, a dramatic plane crash and wild shots of that mythical ship The Unicorn sailing across desert sand dunes.

Is this trailer enough to get you excited? The Adventure of Tintin hits theaters Dec. 23.

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