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Ryan Gosling doesn't need to say much to get the attention of the ladies. And if ever there was a movie that proved it, it's Drive, making a showing at this year's Cannes Film Fest.

We've got two new clips, one full of quiet, sultry, bad-boy confidence from Gosling that does not go unnoticed by his clearly charmed costar Carey Mulligan, and one that shows off his, um, law-breaking tendencies once the sun goes down. Check 'em out:

What's it all about? Gosling stars as a movie stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver in L.A.'s seedy underworld, and let's just say he can do a lot with about three lines of dialogue.

It's a testament to his acting skills. And sure, his good looks don't hurt either.

Eager to see Ryan and Carey behind the wheel? Drive hits theaters Sept. 16.

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