Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane

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As we told you exclusively on Tuesday, British breakout actor Robert Emms has been cast as Renbock, Prince Andrew Alcott's right-hand man, in the upcoming yet-to-be titled Snow White feature directed by Tarsem Singh.

But it's the other new addition to the cast, announced by Relativity today, that has us especially excited:

Nathan Lane!

Lane is set to play a character named Brighton, the servant to mean queen, Julia Roberts.

We can't wait to see how catty and over-the-top Lane's comebacks will be in response to Roberts' evil antics.

And we hear Julia will be playing this queen especially naughty.

Sources on the production tell us they are "really looking forward to seeing Julia play evil" and that they think "she will do an outstanding job."

Roberts in full bitch-mode and Lane playing her equally bitchy man-servant? This sounds like a must-see movie for anybody who ever even half-appreciated an episode of Will & Grace

It's also sounding very different from the more serious–toned Snow White and the Huntsman rival project, starring Kristen Stewart. Perhaps rivals no more?

According to Relativity's press release today, their Snow White will be all about "an evil queen and an exiled princess struggling for control of their kingdom in a spirited adventure comedy, filled with jealousy, romance and betrayal."

Lane joins previously cast Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Robert Emms and Julia Roberts in the "adventure comedy" set to be released June 29, 2012.

Think K.Stew could have done the comedy version?

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